The specific process of importing fruits, documents and precautions
Date: 2020-04-27 12:22:13

Commonly imported fruits are:

Cherry (fruit), tamarind, orange, apple, sugar apple, orange, pomelo, papaya, carambola, guava, rambutan, lotus mist, jackfruit, coconut fruit, pineapple, life fruit, banana, passionflower, Coconut, longan, durian, mango, litchi, mangosteen.

From July 1, 2019

Thai mango, durian, longan, litchi, mangosteen, etc.

Orchards and packaging plants of 5 kinds of fruits exported to China must be registered by the General Administration

Here we introduce the specific operation matters of fruit imports:

1. Specific import process

1. The importing company shall handle the filing of the fruit consignee with the customs and obtain the qualification of imported fruit.

2. Check whether the fruit to be imported is within the list of permitted fruit imports. For details, please refer to the website of the General Administration of Customs "List of Fresh Fruits and Exporting Countries with China's Inspection and Quarantine Access".


3. If the fruit to be imported is included in the list of permitted fruit imports, it should be noted to verify whether the port of import is eligible for imported fruit. Those who have obtained the designated port qualification for imported fruit can import all imported fruit varieties allowed by China.

4. Before importing fruits, you should go through quarantine approval and obtain the Entry Animal and Plant Quarantine Permit.

5. The following documents should be provided when applying for imported fruits:

①Trade contract

②Commercial invoice

③ Packing list

④ cargo list

⑤Withdrawal (Shipping) Note

⑥ Power of attorney for customs declaration (inspection)

⑦Quality assurance

⑧ Entry Animal and Plant Quarantine License

⑨Origin certificate of the other country, phytosanitary certificate of the other country

⑩ and other import and export documents to be provided

2. Approval process for entry animal and plant quarantine license

1. Approval should be processed before the contract is signed.

2. The unit applying for quarantine examination and approval procedures shall be an independent legal person and directly sign a trade contract or agreement with the outside world.

3. To apply for quarantine approval procedures, log in at "Internet + Customs" and select the appropriate category under the Animal and Plant Quarantine Module.


4. Enterprises applying for the first time, submit the registration information, and they can apply for a quarantine license after being approved;

5. The applicant enterprise fills in the application form and uploads the attached documents as required. If the attached documents submitted are not in the list, they must be uploaded in the column of "other materials to be provided"; Fill in the last license use information, the first time you need to fill in: "This company is a new record company this year."

6. Preliminary examination of the permit: After receiving the attached documents, the customs direct acceptance personnel will check with the online electronic application form and submit it to the auditor. Generally, the auditor will submit the application form that meets the requirements to the final auditor within 5 working days If you do not meet the requirements, you can return the order with the reason indicated.

7. Final license review: After passing the preliminary review, the General Administration of Customs will make a decision to grant or disallow the permit within 20 days from the date of acceptance of the preliminary review.

8. The entry animal and plant quarantine license is valid for six months from the date of issuance. Within the validity period, it can be imported in batches within the permitted number and can be used across the year.

9. It can only be imported from the entry point approved by the permit.

3. Notes on imported fruits

1. The fruit should come from the designated place of production, orchard and packaging plant.

2. The fruit packaging box shall be marked or marked with the name of the fruit, the place of origin, and the name or code of the packaging plant.

3. The variety of fruits should be consistent with the content of the license, and the number should not exceed the permitted number, and no unapproved fruit types should be allowed.

4. Fruits should be free of soil, branches, leaves, and dangerous pests such as diseases, insects, and weeds that are of concern to China.

5. The content of toxic and hazardous substances such as pesticide residues and heavy metals in fruits should comply with Chinese standards.

6. Apply for the official phytosanitary certificate of the exporting country / region.

Note: If the container is used for shipping, the container number should be reflected on the certificate; the consignee on the certificate and the consignee on the "Entry Animal and Plant Quarantine License" and the person who signed the trade contract should agree with each other; if If the bilateral agreement requires a special statement to be reflected on the certificate, it shall be declared.

7. If the bilateral agreement has special requirements, it shall be implemented in accordance with the bilateral protocol.

There are two general taxes paid for imports from China:

Customs duty and value added tax

How to calculate the tax payment:

1. Tariff amount = value of goods × tariff rate

2. Value-added tax amount = (customs tax amount + value of goods) × value-added tax rate

3. Comprehensive tax rate = (1 + customs tax rate) × (1 + VAT tax rate) -1

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