"2018 Shaanxi Top 100 Enterprises" announced! 6 pharmaceutical companies are on the list!
Date: 2020-04-27 12:23:49

[Sichuan Hanghui International Logistics Industry News] Recently, the Shanxi Provincial Entrepreneurs Association released the 2018 Top 100 Shaanxi Enterprises. Among them, a total of 6 companies in the Chinese medicine industry entered the list, namely Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Co., Ltd., Sinopharm Holdings Shaanxi Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Bikang Pharmaceutical Group Holdings Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Buchang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Shaanxi Huayuan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pharmaceutical Science Park Xinhai Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It is reported that the list is based on the company's 2017 operating income and is based on the voluntary declaration of the company, and it is generated after the review by the "Shaanxi Top 100 Enterprise Approval Committee". Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd.'s 2017 operating income is 180.6007 million yuan. Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a large provincial-owned state-owned pharmaceutical company that focuses on investment and integrates science, industry and trade. There are 21 existing enterprises and institutions in the group. Involved in the fields of pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical business, pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical packaging and other fields. Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd. aims to strengthen the pharmaceutical industry, expand pharmaceutical circulation, optimize pharmaceutical packaging, cultivate health services, and build a strong western pharmaceutical group with a structure of "one center and three support points". The pharmaceutical industry contributes to the realization of leaping development. Sinopharm Holding Shaanxi Co., Ltd.'s 2017 operating income was 442.255 million yuan. As a provincial-level secondary company of Sinopharm Holding Co., Ltd., Sinopharm Holding Shaanxi Co., Ltd. was responsible for the implementation of Shaanxi's regional market strategy, leveraging on the variety advantages and unified coordination of Sinopharm Holding Co., Ltd. The advantages of modern logistics construction and terminal distribution services, continuous reform, adjustment, and innovation, continue to carry out in-depth management and improvement activities, and have made great progress in terms of scale and efficiency, enterprise system construction, and enterprise core competitiveness. The company ’s average annual compound growth rate has maintained Above 15%, scale and profit indicators have increased year after year. In 2017, tax-included sales of 4.4 billion yuan (excluding tax) were achieved, and in 2020, we will strive to exceed the tens of billions of sales mark. Shaanxi Bikang Pharmaceutical Group Holdings Co., Ltd.'s 2017 operating income was 4.2883 million yuan. After years of rapid development, Bikang Group has completed Wuhan Wujing Pharmaceutical, Jiangsu Kangbao Pharmaceutical, Shaanxi Jinweisha Pharmaceutical, Baoji Xinzhongtian Pharmaceutical, Investment and acquisition of Xi'an Lingdan Pharmaceutical, Xi'an Jiaotong University Pharmaceutical Group, and Xi'an Jiaotong University Ruixin Pharmaceutical. Bikang Group has developed into a modern large-scale pharmaceutical enterprise group integrating raw material medicine, Chinese patent medicine, chemical medicine, biological preparation, vaccine research and development, health product, health drink production and marketing. Shaanxi Buchang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s 2017 operating income is 420.883 million yuan. At present, Buchang Pharmaceutical has established a clear development strategy, "focusing on major diseases and cultivating large varieties". The company is centered on patented proprietary Chinese medicines and is committed to the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. The important role of traditional Chinese medicine in the field of "serious disease and chronic disease" of cardio-cerebral vascular has formed a three-dimensional product pattern that is based on the cardio-cerebral vascular market, covers the traditional advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, focuses on major disease types, and cultivates large varieties. Shaanxi Huayuan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.'s 2017 operating income is 352.683 million yuan. Shaanxi Huayuan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.'s long-term development plan is: to maintain growth and promote development as the main line of work, with the central task of creating a leading pharmaceutical business group in the west as the central task, to develop The seven major sectors of logistics and distribution, pharmaceutical unification, retail chain, hospital net sales, medical equipment, acquisition of hospitals and pharmaceutical factories, and Chinese medicine industry strive to build Huayuan Group into a collection of R & D, production, sales, distribution, and traditional Chinese medicine The largest medical leading enterprise in Northwest with planting and processing as a whole and annual sales exceeding 10 billion yuan. Since the establishment of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Science Park Xinhai Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 2017, its operating income was RMB 25.203 million. Since its establishment, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Science Park Xinhai Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has adhered to market and customer orientation, adhered to management and business model innovation, and strived to establish management and talents. , The advantages of service, and constantly strengthen cooperation with international and domestic well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers, the company has always advocated the "integrity, responsibility, innovation, and win-win" corporate culture.

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