Warm congratulations on the arrival of the Sibo Train of Sichuan Hanghui International Logistics Co.
Date: 2020-04-27 12:24:12

On October 18, it was carried by Sichuan Hanghui International Logistics Co., Ltd., and the full load of Russian timber trains successfully arrived at Zibo Nongzhong Station, marking the successful entry of the first Russian timber from China-Europe trains (Russia-Zibo). With the strong support of the provincial and municipal governments, customs, railways and related units, the Shandong Timber Railway Channel will be successfully opened and will quickly enter normalized and high-density operations. The Shandong Timber Market will be able to purchase high-quality Russian timber at any time and place.

It is reported that the Russian timber loaded in this special train is mainly Pinus sylvestris var. Sylvestris var. Sylvestris var.

The person in charge of Shandong Lugang International Logistics Co., Ltd. introduced that the opening of the timber import train will further enrich the return supply of China-Europe train (Zibo), expand imports, promote round-trip balance, and build a timber trading base and timber industrial park for Zibo Provide basic guarantee for landing. At the same time, it promotes the development of furniture, building materials, warehousing, transportation, logistics, labor services and other industrial chains related to the wood industry, helping Zibo and even Shandong Province's economic transformation and industrial upgrading.

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