Company Culture

Hanghui's service tenet: To be the most professional learning international logistics Co., Ltd., to solve problems for customers in the first place

Hanghui concept: to build a global "supply chain" through-train, global import and export door-to-door service.

International transportation, customs clearance data preparation and review, arrival order change, customs clearance, and delivery are seamlessly connected. The most highly compressed time cost also reduces the cumbersomeness and errors of intermediate connection. Arrange the next link in advance to save customers the most time. Maximize the optimization of the import logistics supply chain program, and the service runs through the entire international trade process: general trade agency, international trade settlement, import logistics distribution, professional import customs clearance, professional food warehousing, and import document processing.

To provide enterprises with professional "global procurement business outsourcing" services, determined to become China's leading global import and export supply chain management service experts.

Guided by customer needs, use talents to integrate resources and create value for customers. Constructed a global integrated supply chain service platform that takes logistics, business flow, capital flow, and information flow as a carrier, with supply chain services, global procurement centers, and product integration supply chain services as the core. The service network is spread all over China. city. Today, it is not only a service provider of non-core business of an enterprise, but also a strategic partner of enterprise development. It moves forward with the enterprise and wins the future together!5.jpg


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